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Some titles depict what the person might have said.
Some titles depict what might have been said to the person.
Some titles depict what might have been said about the person.

\/\/\/\/\/\ \/\/\/\/\/\ ref.
Adam & Eve Strangers In Paradise Gen 2
Cain & Abel Two Brothers Gen 4
Enoch Stayin' Alive Gen 5
Methuselah This Old Man Gen 5
Noah Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head Gen 7
Abraham The Long And Winding Road Gen 12
Hagar Having My Baby Gen 16
Sarah Laughing Gen 18
Lot We Gotta Get Outta This Place Gen 19
Isaac We Gotta Get You A Woman Gen 24
Esau Born To Be Wild Gen 25
Leah & Rachel Trying To Love Two Women Gen 29
Dinah I'm A Lonely Little Petunia In An Onion Patch Gen 30
Jacob Cheaper By The Dozen Gen 35
Reuben I Want A Gal Just Like The Gal That Married Dear Old Dad Gen 35
Joseph Dream Weaver Gen 37
Moses The Wanderer Exo 2
Aaron Hey Big Brother Exo 4
Pharaoh Stay Just A Little Bit Longer Exo 5
Korah I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet Num 16
Balaam My Special Angel Num 22
Rahab Love For Sale Jsh 2
Joshua Good Vibrations Jsh 6
King Eglon Fat Man Jdg 3
Jael If I Had A Hammer Jdg 4
Gideon Show Me A Sign Jdg 6
Samson Hair Jdg 16
Delilah The Lady Is A Tramp Jdg 16
Ruth Pick Up The Pieces Rth 2
Samuel Here I Am 1Sa 3
King Saul Walk Tall 1Sa 9
The Spiritist At Endor Witchy Woman 1Sa 28
Uzzah Can't Help Myself 2Sa 6
Bathsheba Splish Splash 2Sa 11
David I'm A Girl Watcher 2Sa 11
Absalom You're So Vain 2Sa 14
Solomon Wisest Of The Wise 1Ki 3
Jezebel Evil Woman 1Ki 18
Elijah Up Up And Away 2Ki 2
Elisha Teddy Bears Picnic 2Ki 2
Naaman Black Water 2Ki 5
Hezekiah Give Me Just A Little More Time 2Ki 20
Nehemiah We Built This City Neh 6
Esther O Pretty Woman Est 2
Mordecai God Save The Queen Est 4
Haman Mr. Big Stuff Est 5
Job I've Got A Right To Sing The Blues Job 1
Asaph I Write The Songs Psa 50
Jeremiah I'm Mr. Blue Lam 1
Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego Light My Fire Dan 3
Nebuchadnezzar Crazy Dan 4
Belshazzar The Wall Dan 5
Daniel The Lion Sleeps Tonight Dan 6
Jonah Got A Whale Of A Tale Jon 1
Magi When You Wish Upon A Star Mt 2
Matthew The Taxman Mt 9
Simon The Zealot You Say You Want A Revolution Mt 10
Joseph Of Nazareth If I Were A Carpenter Mt 13
Herod's Daughter I Could Have Danced All Night Mt 14
John The Immerser Going Out Of My Head Mt 14
Judas Iscariot The Last Kiss Mt 26
Peter I'm Sorry Mt 26
Talitha Daughter Of Jairus I'm Alive Again Mk 5
Bartimaeus I Can See Clearly Now Mk 10
Zechariah The Priest The Sound Of Silence Lk 1
Martha Of Bethany She Works Hard For The Money Lk 10
Prodigal Son Hey It's Good To Be Back Home Again Lk 15
Zacchaeus Short People Lk 19
Thief On The Cross Two Tickets To Paradise Lk 23
Andrew Come Go With Me Jn 1
Man Born Blind I Believe Jn 9
Lazarus Of Bethany The Second Time Around Jn 11
Mary Of Bethany Tears Are Not Enough Jn 12
Thomas Seeing Is Believing Jn 20
Barnabas Share The Land Ac 4
Ananias & Sapphira Let's Pretend Ac 5
Stephen Stoned Out Of My Life Ac 7
Saul Of Tarsus Blinded By The Light Ac 9
James The Apostle Cuts Like A Knife Ac 12
Elymas The Magician This Magic Moment Ac 13
John Mark Don't It Make You Wanna Go Home Ac 13
James The Lord's Brother For The Love Of Big Brother Ac 15
Timothy Half Breed Ac 16
Priscilla & Aquila Tenting Tonight Ac 18
Apollos Sweet Talking Guy Ac 18
Luke Doctor! Doctor! Co 4
Onesimus Runaway Pm
John The Apostle All You Need Is Love 1J 4
Jude Fight For Your Right Ju

Old Testament
1Ki=1st Kings
2Ki=2nd Kings
1Sa=1st Samuel
2Sa=2nd Samuel

New Testament
1J=1st John