Endurance In Suffering

Key Verse:

27.6 = "I hold fast my righteousness and will not let it go. My heart does not reproach any of my days."



2000 B.C. (?)

Quotable Quote:

40.3-4 = Then Job answered the Lord and said, "Behold, I am insignificant; what can I reply to Thee? I lay my hand on my mouth. Once I have spoken, and I will not answer; Even twice, and I will add no more."

Chapter Summary:

[1] Satan takes away Job's wealth.
[2] Satan takes away Job's health.
[3] Job:   I wish I'd never been born.
[4] Eliphaz:   You must have sinned!
[5] Eliphaz:   Turn back to God.
[6] Job:   Show me what I've done wrong.
[7] Job:   My life is just a breath.
[8] Bildad:   Seek God, and he will restore you.
[9] Job:   I cannot take God to court.
[10] Job:   I hate my life.
[11] Zophar:   Can you really understand God?
[12] Job:   God is all-powerful.
[13] Job:   Your arguments are falling apart!
[14] Job:   Man's life is short and troublesome.
[15] Eliphaz:   The wicked man suffers much.
[16] Job:   You are all worthless comforters!
[17] Job:   I have become a joke.
[18] Bildad:   The wicked man will fail.
[19] Job:   My friends have forsaken me.
[20] Zophar:   The wicked man's joy is short-lived.
[21] Job:   The wicked do prosper for a while.
[22] Eliphaz:   Yield, and be at peace with God.
[23] Job:   I would like to speak with God.
[24] Job:   Sometimes the wicked get away with it.
[25] Bildad:   God is superior to man.
[26] Job:   God is superior indeed!
[27] Job:   So, eventually, the wicked will be punished.
[28] Job:   Wisdom is more precious than jewels.
[29] Job:   I used to be a blessing to everyone else.
[30] Job:   But now I'm a joke to everyone else!
[31] Job:   I have remained blameless.
[32] Elihu:   The old men failed to refute Job.
[33] Elihu:   Why complain against God?
[34] Elihu:   God pays man according to his work.
[35] Elihu:   God will listen to you now.
[36] Elihu:   Repent, and God will deliver you.
[37] Elihu:   God speaks through the storms.
[38] The Lord:   Where were you when I created the world?
[39] The Lord:   Do you understand the creation?
[40] The Lord:   Look at the power of the behemoth!
[41] The Lord:   Look at the power of the leviathan!
[42] Job confesses ignorance and is restored.

The Russler,