Israel Before The Kings

Key Verse:

2.16 = Then the LORD raised up judges who delivered them from the hands of those who plundered them.



1100 B.C.

Quotable Quote:

21.25 = In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

Chapter Summary:

[1] some victories
[2] some defeats
[3] Judge Othniel, Judge Ehud, Judge Shamgar
[4] Judge Deborah part one
[5] Judge Deborah part two
[6] Judge Gideon part one
[7] Judge Gideon part two
[8] Judge Gideon part three
[9] Abimelech
[10] Judge Tola, Judge Jair, Judge Jephthah part one
[11] Judge Jephthah part two
[12] Judge Jephthah part three, Judge Ibzan, Judge Elon and Judge Abdon
[13] Judge Samson part one: birth
[14] Judge Samson part two: marriage
[15] Judge Samson part three: vs. Philistines
[16] Judge Samson part four: Delilah & death
[17] Micah
[18] the Danites
[19] a Levite and his concubine
[20] Israel vs. the Benjamites
[21] restoration of the Benjamites

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