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Below are SEVEN quotes from Revelation, each SEVEN words long, and each with a SEVEN-letter word left out. After each quote, a word is given as a hint. The missing word can be formed by adding a letter to the given word and rearranging the resulting SEVEN letters. Write the letter you add in the corresponding box at the bottom to form another SEVEN-letter word describing something of which there were SEVEN who "spoke" in Revelation. (This form of the word appears in SEVEN different books of the Bible.)

1. "and it will make your _______ bitter" MOCHAS
2. "upon the _______ I saw twenty-four elders" TENORS
3. "rise and _______ the temple of God" RESEAM
4. "in the four _______ of the earth" SCORER
5. "and the wine press was _______ outside" RODENT
6. "and have _______ for my name's sake" DUNDER
7. "a woman sitting on a _______ beast" CASTLE

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