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T h e o r y   A n d   E a r   T r a i n i n g

  1. Approach
    1. Building On The Varied Experiences Of All Class Members
    2. Exercises To Gain Familiarity And Increase Comfort Level
    3. A Minimum Of Homework Each Week
    4. Relating Of Theory To Keyboard And Guitar
    5. Ear Training For Recognition Of The Various Forms
  2. Topics Covered
    1. Note Reading
    2. Sharps, Flats, Naturals
    3. Clefs:
      Treble, Alto, Tenor & Bass
    4. Time Signatures
    5. Key Signatures
    6. Rhythms
    7. Dynamic Markings
    8. Tempo Markings
    9. Intervals
    10. Scales:
      Major, Minor (Natural, Melodic, Harmonic), Whole Tone
    11. Harmony
    12. Chords:
      Triads, Sevenths, "Tall Chords"
    13. Nonharmonics:
      Passing Tones, Suspensions, Anticipations, Neighbors
    14. Counterpoint
  3. General Information
    1. There is no minimum class size, but the learning experience is enhanced by multiple participants. (So bring a friend!)
    2. Some students may be added after a class in underway, depending upon their prior exposure to the basic material.
    3. Class length is one hour, meeting once a week. For adult students, we accomodate work schedules.
    4. Duration varies according to the pace of a given group and the depth they wish to explore.
    5. Fee is $60 per month per student.
    6. All supplies are provided by Allegro Music Academy.
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