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To Whom It May Concern:

Russell Scott is the most multi-talented musician I know. He is capable of playing many instruments, and composing or rearranging music to play on those instruments. He is also a talented singer and song-leader. He is absolutely passionate about music of all kinds.

The other thing Russell is passionate about is people. He is a caring person who spends much of his time reaching out to and meeting the needs of those around him. He has recently realized that home-schooled students do not have the opportunity to play in bands, ensembles, etc., and he desires to address this need. I think he will do a terrific job!

Russell is an excellent teacher in any subject for any age group. I have been to many of the classes he has taught in church, and I have recruited him to teach classes to our children during a recent Vacation Bible School. He is clever with his presentation, and he is extremely knowledgeable. He relates well to any group because of his good humor and caring manner.

I am very excited about this opportunity for Russell and for the home-schooling community of which I am a part. His many talents will be a blessing to those who choose to study with him.

Tiffanie P.

C r e d e n t i a l s