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My 14 year old son, Ben, has been taking trumpet lessons from Mr. Scott at Allegro Music Academy for three years. Mr. Scott has helped Ben with his challenging school music as well as kept him interested in playing by giving Ben modern music to learn. I will never forget picking Ben up after lessons this past summer. He walked out of the studio grinning ear to ear saying," Mr. Scott is sooo cool! I get to learn the theme to Family Guy cartoon and the Addams Family movie!". Mr. Scott's continuous encouragement and support has given Ben the confidence to continue playing his trumpet in the symphonic band and marching band in high school this year. Thank you Mr. Scott for all you do!!!

My 12 year old son, Nate, began drum lessons with Mr. Scott at Allegro Music Academy the summer before his 6th grade year. He stopped lessons with Mr. Scott during the school year and had a private instructor the school provided. Nate was not happy with the school 's private instructor and stopped with the private lessons. That spring, Nate wanted to try out for the school Jazz Band drum set. Of course he wanted last minute private instructions to help him try out. We called Mr. Scott and he worked us in immediately with lessons. Nate made the jazz band! Every time I pick him up from his lessons he says," Mr. Scott is the best instructor! He is sooo fun and easy to get along with. He gives me the best music to practice!" I highly recommend Mr. Scott for music lessons!!!

Liz B.

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