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To Whom It May Concern:

It has been my pleasure to know Russell Scott for fifteen years. We became acquainted as members of the Waterview Church of Christ in 1990 and have been close friends since that time. For most of that period I have served as an Elder in the church and have known Russell from that capacity as well as working closely with him in numerous activities. During these associations I have come to know Russell as a loving parent, dedicated husband, loyal servant to the church, innovative, creative, trustworthy, caring, friendly and adaptable to many activities and situations.

The Waterview Church started a Latino outreach program several years ago and Russell used his Spanish language background, Bible knowledge, teaching ability, song leading ability and love for the Latinos to lead that ministry from the outset. Russell and his wife Kathy have been leaders in this successful effort.

My wife and I were in charge of an annual Church-wide Christmas party for several years and turned to Russell to plan and carry out the musical portion of the entertainment. He took complete charge of it and always produced a professional, creative and well received program. He always reaches out to find and use the best talent in the church.

As a teacher in the Waterview education program, Russell has excelled at several levels in the program, from young people to senior adults. Several years ago he started a class for older singles and with great tenacity, ability and insight has maintained a quality effort. The students will tell you that he strives not only for a good lesson but to reach their needs.

Russell taught music to my grandchildren and I can personally testify to the quality of his work. I felt extremely good about his efforts and results. Because I know Russell as a person and a teacher I believe anyone would be fortunate to have Russell teaching music to their children.

John H.

C r e d e n t i a l s