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Fees are based on a rate of $25.00 per session.
Private lessons are generally held for a half hour once a week; a half hour constitutes a session. One-hour lessons count as two sessions and are therefore $50.00 each. Usually, hour-long private lessons are only appropriate for more advanced students.
Most classes and ensembles meet for one hour a week, so one class equals one session. In addition to the other advantages of playing in an ensemble, students in groups benefit by being charged at a class rate, that is twice the time for the money.
Fees are paid monthly. A missed session (for illness, bad weather, etc.) will be credited if advance notice is given. A check may be mailed by the first of the month, but most students prefer to bring payment to the first session of each month.
Any books, sheet music, etc. required by the instructor are included in the session fees. There is no additional charge.
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