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FUN d a m e n t a l s   O f   M u s i c

(Elementary Grades)

  1. Approach
    1. Variety !
    2. Learning By Doing
    3. Imitation
    4. Students' Creativity
    5. Pace Tailored To Class Makeup
    6. Learning From Each Other
    7. Audio-Visual Aids
    8. Visiting Musicians !
  2. Activities
    1. Singing
      1. Fun Songs
      2. Singing Games
      3. Texas Songs
      4. Songs From Other Cultures
    2. Note Playing
      1. Keyboard Basics
      2. Recorder
      3. Ukulele
    3. Rhythm Playing
      1. Clapping Exercises
      2. Hand Percussion
    4. Music Reading
      1. Notes
      2. Durations
      3. Special Markings
    5. Listening
      1. Various Musical Styles
      2. Tune Recognition
      3. Instrument Identification
    6. Directing
      1. Tempi
      2. Dynamics
    7. Writing
      1. Rhyming Words
      2. Inventing Tunes
    8. Recording
      1. Live
      2. Multitrack
  3. General Information
    1. There is no "beginning" or "end"; students may be added at any point.
    2. There is no minimum class size. (However, it will be more fun with at least three.)
    3. When a class grows, it can be divided by age group.
    4. Class length is one hour, meeting once a week.
    5. At least one parent or guardian must be on site during each class session.
    6. Fee is $50 per month. Each additional child from the same family is only $40.
    7. All supplies are provided by Allegro Music Academy.

Students learn all different ways to make music.

Here's a game known as "EGG on your FACE."

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