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Anita Dupree

Anita Dupree
Mrs Dupree brings a special level of enthusiam and versatility to the Allegro faculty. Children and adults alike catch her passion for life and music.

She grew up in a very musical family and began playing music at the very early age 6, teaching herself to play the piano. She started playing the guitar as a pre-teen and took up alto saxophone in junior high. She studied music formally at Collin College, where she often performed in woodwind ensembles on flute, piccolo, and bass flute. She also performed with the top classical guitar ensemble on guitar and performed as a guest artist in several other ensembles. Her primary focus in college was flute, classical guitar, jazz guitar and voice.

She has performed with the Carrollton Wind Symphony and the Nacogdoches Community Band for several years and has also sung with the Richardson Community Choir on several occasions.

She is a member of Elmwood Court Jazz Band, in which she performs on guitar, banjo, flute, jazz oboe, soprano sax, percussion, and kazoo. In the pop group which developed into ECJB, she also sang lead and backup and played keyboards.

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